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Punk-o-matic 2 Punk-o-matic 2

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I forgot I put that quote in, hahaha! ... I still haven't found that slimey bastard... He survived my epic half fall half curbstomp somehow... ANYWAYS!!! ONTO A BETATESTER'S REVIEW!!!

The first Punk-O-Matic and it's awesome community introduced me to a lot of awesome people. It introduced me to the world of music production (in a way that will take WAY too long to explain), and showed me what I wanted to do with my life. Years later I'm aspiring to become a musician, and seem to be well on my way on that. The original game, in all seriousness, changed my life forever.

This sequel blew my mind from the first time you allowed me to beta-test it, and the sheer amount of freedom with the riffs made me tone-deaf (HAHAHA!). I love how much you can do with this game; it's definitely lightyears ahead of the first in that respect, and the addition of a bassist gives the music a fresh new feel. I also love the character customization and band setup; now you can truely make the experience your own. Having the ability to now play and watch concerts, along with building up an actual army of followers, was a beautiful new feature to an already great game, and the large amounts of achievements and unlockables are going to keep fans challenging themselves for a very long time.

Now, lets not forget the rediculous amounts of entertaining cutscenes and the wonderful voice actors who were privelidged to be a part of this grand project. Just let me say, 'Well Done!', you really brought these incredible (and often insane) characters to life! I gotta say this, though... Hackit was my favorite. Every character was awesome in their own way, but Hackit... Wow... He truely brought insanity to a new level, AND I LOVED IT!!! From acid trips in alleys, to getting drunk and babbling about everything and nothing at the same time, he had to be my favorite! Those cutscenes really added to the overall entertainment value of the game. Well done.

Now as my rediculously long review comes to a close, I must say to all of you guys who helped Evil-Dog with this massive project, THANK YOU!!! Did you know that he had an angry mob of Punk-O-Matic site members planning his assassination if he didn't release the game by the time they found an assassin?? HAHA, they didn't follow through, but still... THANK YOU FOR SAVING HIS LIFE AND RELEASING THIS BEASTLY GAME WITH HIM!!! ... The angry mob is pleased... :D

-Brian 'BlackStatic' Sundin-

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Evil-Dog responds:

That awesome review covers everything haha you can't believe how relieved I am that it's now out haha