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Is amazing.

You are a god, midimachine. I'm the other member of 'Cognition Vault', and I have to say your music never ceases to inspire me. I love how this rhythmic bombardment of sound not once bored me, but was so minimalistic at the same time. It's amazing how well the synthesized voice fit it too. I doubt we'd be able to pull off that feat. Just a few nights ago I started tampering with some voice samples of me for one of our songs and it was so irritating to get it to match up to the music. We would love to do a team-up song with you, if you're interested.

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Elfire - Suck Elfire - Suck

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'filth + glitch <3'? ME TOO!!!

First off, i have to say that synth that pops in at 0:22 is absolutely genius. It forced me into a mindless dance/wobble/headbang, and it was hilarious (my retardedness, not the song. The song is more badass and manly than Brock Sampson, and I didn't think that was possible.). That bass synth that kept popping in was also amazing. Robot-man, you certainly know how to make infectious beats. I looked at your page and noticed you said 'Can't master for shit'. NONSENSE! TIS ONLY YOUR EPIC STYLE!

Static-man, out.

Elfire responds:

haha cheers man :)

Elfire - Pull The Trigger Elfire - Pull The Trigger

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I do believe I'm dancing like an imbecile!

I'm in awe.. I knew the song was great from the point I started listening, but daaaaaamn, by the time it reached the two minute mark, I was out of my chair, air-guitaring and headbanging like a lunatic. Only after I realized I was displaced from my seat did the song end, and I sat back down and repeated the process at least 3 more times before writing this review. This beat is infectious, man. It drills its way into your skull and does not let loose until its completed its mission; blowing your mind. The Static Stigma is pleased and appeased. Now, if you excuse me, I have more mindless dancing to attend to.

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Smilecythe- Shower Song Smilecythe- Shower Song

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This is currently my theme song. I'm greasier than a slice of bacon and reek of victory. I shall play this tonight, when I decide to shave off my goat beard and wash my hair and return to my state of the shiny Brin-Monster!

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SonSukka responds:

Don't forget to pick up a towelie!

Revolve/Resolve Revolve/Resolve

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The Industrial Sheep loves this song.
The Industrial Sheep sways to this song.
The Industrial Sheep fives this song.

Well done, uncle. My robot ears have taken a liking to this. It's like pure beauty in string form, and it makes me want to go on an epic adventure for some reason. I actually feel that it's telling me a story.

A single man, pitted against an unstoppable force, doing everything he can to overcome it and reach his goal, be it rescuing someone he loves or simply standing up for all the good in the world. He prepares for the final battle, remembering how far he's come and knowing that he is now the unstoppable force. The strength of the two powers have swapped, their mindsets revolved. Now the enemy is stumbling to keep his feet planted to the ground, doing everything it can to try and stop the liberator. But the liberator cannot be stopped any more. He will not be stopped. He knows now that he can resolve the problem, he knows now that he only needs to stomp out a few more flames that once made a wildfire of a force. As the liberator takes his first step up to the doors that house this dying flame, he reaches for the handle, and with a grin, he pulls open the gateway to his destiny. This is where his story will conclude. This is where his legend will be born.

Uncle, the only way I can word this to you is: "This is fucking epic."

TheUprising1 responds:

This, may indeed be what this song is about, metaphorically. I believe I now have some thinking to do. Let's hope that in reality it ends as positively as your story.

I'm very impressed though that my song could spark a mind image this clear.
Thanks for the review, uncle. I appreciate it.


Þú ert það sem þú gerir (DEMO) Þú ert það sem þú gerir (DEMO)

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Brin loves the sounds.
Brin loves the riffs.
Brin loves the beats.
Brin loves the transitions.

This is pretty different from your usual stuff, but it still fits well into your collection. The guitar is what I found to be most different in this piece, and the breakbeat complimented it perfectly. You're definitely improving your musical abilities day by day. I seriously need to start working on music more, so we can start up CV again. :D

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Decessus (DEMO) Decessus (DEMO)

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This is one of your best industrial tracks, I have to say, band uncle! You must finish, so I can dance to it's greatness! AND I MUST GET A NEW LAPTOP SO WE CAN CONTINUE OUR CV STUFF!!!


UNCLE!!! CAPITALISM!!! *dances*

TheUprising1 responds:

Yes, we will dance to this, no matter what happens - even if the allmighty goose finally gets rid of this world, we will still dance... the mightiest of all dances.

- The Uprising

Smilecythe- Mucus Smilecythe- Mucus

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So damn incredible...

This is possibly one of my favorite tracks from you. It's got a very dark, ominous, mysterious feel that I can relate to. Well done, good sir, you've trapped me within my mind once again!

Helix - Vigilance Helix - Vigilance

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So fucking sick!

This is the kind of music I want to make. I'm gonna need to start practicing more... TO THE STUDIO!!!

Quite possibly the most badass techno-industrial track I've EVER heard, ANYWHERE!

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Sextron5K Sextron5K

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I never thought bitcrushing could sound so good in large doses, but dammit, you keep amazing me! Excuse me while I go cry in a corner while marvelling at this and shunning my own attempts at music!

Nice lyrics, by the way! Hahaha!

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midimachine responds:

The sound design here was heavily inspired by Steam Machine by Daft Punk. Also the title, maybe.